Technical Partner

The modern technology world is interconnected and mutually supportive.

  • Open Design Alliance

    The Open Design Alliance (ODA) is a member-driven, nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of open industry-standard formats for CAD. ZWSOFT is one of the main members of it, and supports the reading and writing of DWG directly.

  • Spatial Corp.

    Spatial Corp. is the leading provider of 3D components for technical application development across a broad range of industries. ZWSOFT’s products are able to read and write .SAT files based on ACIS kernel through cooperating with it.

  • IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

    The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) is a non-profit organization maintaining all vanilla-stock toolkits and APIs for CAD interface. As one of its board members, ZWCAD is able to keep improving itself and offer tons of new features.

  • Flexera Software

    Flexera Software is a provider of Software Licensing Control technology, which is widely used by plenty of famous software. ZWSOFT cooperates with Flexera to enable the Soft-encryption in ZWCAD and ZW3D.

  • Render Plus Software

    It is a provider of plugins and tools to create fast and easy-to-use photo-realistic rendering right inside CAD software. ZWCAD’s render function works well thanks to its technical support.

  • Foxit Reader

    As a professional provider of fast, affordable and secure PDF solutions, it plays an important role to realize the excellent PDF display function for ZWCAD and CAD Pockets.

  • MachineWorks Ltd.

    MachineWorks Ltd. is the leading developer of NC simulation and verification technology. ZWSOFT has integrated MachineWorks into ZW3D in order to support the real, correct and highly efficient simulation and clash detection, which can help save time and money.

  • Siemens

    Siemens is a world-leading provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software. Working closely with it, ZW3D is capable of providing efficient 2D sheet and assembly, and importing and exporting Parasolid file formats.

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